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Apurva Purohit Talks regarding ‘Women in the Boardroom’ At Perspective

Apurva Purohit talks about 'Women in the Boardroom' at Perspective President Jagran group, Ms. Apurva Purohit chaired a thought-provoking discussion alongside Ms. Sudha Ravi, Ajay Piramal group, at an initiative known as ‘Perspective’ by Sapphire Human Solutions. The agenda of the initiative was to spark a conversation about ‘Women stepping

Teachers Spend Only 19% of Their Time in Educating Students, Poll Duty and Surveys Take up Rest.

TeachersTeachers, who play a vital role in shaping the society, actually spend mere 19.1% of their working hours in imparting knowledge. But what do they do in the remaining time? Answer: election duty, carrying out surveys, pulse polio campaigns and maintaining mid-day meal registers. The startling facts were revealed in a


An analysis shows that at least 200 cities across the world are facing a severe water crisis while 10 metropolitan cities, among them Bengaluru, are fast moving towards ‘Day Zero’—a situation where taps start running dry. The assessment by Down To Earth, a magazine published by green think-tank Centre for